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Active RFID School Track System

  • Provides human / asset identification, instant verification, tracking and unauthorized movement detection.
  • Active RFID provides high accuracy location detection, longer reading ranges, and faster processing.
  • Enhance with multiple tag readers for more accurate zone partitioning.
  • Active tag designed to work reliably in any environment—wet or dry, day or night.
  • 2.45GHz solution is using ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical )radio band(Unlicensed band) hence it is safe and widely use inside any other buildings.
  • Electronic technology allows data transfer to and from host systems and data storage.

Each of the child will be given an active RFID tag device (Lanyard) The active RFID device is powered by battery for data transmission. Active tag is capable to transmit tag’s ID to the system with much longer distance. Multiple zone active RFID readers will be placed in the premise in order to track child's location. Active RFID can be detected whenever a child is in the area. Real time transaction data updates. Conveniently captures information in multiple locations. To monitor users in the right place and the right time. Any unauthorized access will be immediately notify to the management. Zone detection range within 50meter radius per RFID reader Provide analysis/summary report/dashboard

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System Reports

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